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1/2 of North America Within An A Day’s Drive
One of the most obvious advantages of the Windsor-Essex Region is our location, at the heart of the richest consumer market in the world, where more than half of the North American population lives within a day’s drive. In fact, the 10th largest market in the U.S., Metropolitan Detroit with its 4.5 million people, is less than one mile away across the Detroit River.

The Busiest Canada – U.S. Border Crossing
The United States and Canada have the largest bilateral trading relationship in the world. Approximately 30% of total trade between the U.S. and Canada crossed the Detroit-Windsor border. Daily total two-way goods trade between Ontario and the U.S. is valued over $800 million. The Detroit-Windsor border is the busiest border crossing along the entire Canada-U.S. border.

There are five surface border crossing points in Windsor-Detroit:

  • The Ambassador Bridge (which handles the majority of the truck traffic),
  • The Detroit-Windsor Tunnel (which runs under the Detroit River),
  • The Detroit-Windsor Truck Ferry (which handles hazardous materials that are prohibited from crossing via the Bridge or Tunnel),
  • A Railway tunnel, and
  • The Port of Windsor

In the Windsor-Essex Region, you will enjoy the safety and security of a small community, with big city amenities just a few miles away. Furthermore, all major league sports and concert events are just a few minutes away in Detroit.

Live Here
The Windsor-Essex Region fosters a lifestyle of friendship and harmony, personal enrichment and professional excellence.

Our southern Ontario location produces a temperate climate ideal for year-round recreational activities and a pleasant lifestyle. With only 212 people per square mile you can choose the city life, the suburbs, or a quaint country town, and relax on a short commute between the office and home. Enjoy safe, secure communities, a high standard of living and a Region focused on leading healthcare specialists and facilities. The area is overflowing with cultural events, festivals, world-renowned entertainment and thanks to our Detroit neighbours, major league sports action.

Discover the Windsor-Essex Region as a retirement community! The Region is full of specialized seniors’ clubs and organizations, a complete spectrum of seniors’ housing – from independent living, to retirement homes to fully-serviced long-term care facilities.

Invest Here

In addition to a strategic geographic position, the Windsor-Essex region is a mid-sized urban centre in Canada that offers a competitive cost location for most industries. The cost of real estate, taxation, labour and other overhead is lower here when compared to larger urban centres in Canada and the United States.

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